Saturday, December 13, 2008


Ventriloquist dummies: I do not care for them. Strangely, I ended up purchasing one for myself as part of a Halloween costume... As it turns out, I grew quite fond of Good Time Charlie, as he came to be known.

[A daughter of my boyfriend] - age 8 - had an instinctive distaste for him. So much so that she told her mother that she didn't want to move in to our house, because GTC scared her. Her mother served as the go-between and I had to promise to get rid of him. In truth I hid him in the attic, in a dark bag, thinking that perhaps he could just sit up there and stew for a few years and get all the more angry. And since it gets really hot up there in the summer, maybe part of his face would even melt a little... yes, he'll be ready for her.

New Haven, CT

Terrors Outside Your Window

The tree branches outside my bedroom window looked like a witch to me when I was really little . When the wind blew and the branches scraped my window I swore the witch was trying get in to get me. Rationally I know there is nothing outside my window, but I won't sleep facing a window cause I don't want to give the thing outside my window any power.

There's a movie Disney put out in the early 80's called The Watcher in The Woods starring Bette Davis and that skater chick from Ice Castles. I'm 33 and I will never watch this movie again. I don't even know what scared me so much about this movie. There's a scene where the blond girl is blindfolded in the woods and there is a shard of a mirror in a tree that reflects her image. Let's just say that if I went camping and saw a shard of a mirror embedded in a tree at night I'd be done camping for forever.

Hampton Roads, VA
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