Friday, March 1, 2013

Evidently Bob Woodward's Been Sending Me His Lunch Money

It was a real mystery. Every week, someone had been mailing me an envelope stuffed with singles and quarters. The postmark was always from northern Virginia, but there was never a return address. Then last November I got a padded envelope that was soaked with juice - inside was a crushed Capri Sun and a scribbled note:

I forgot and accidentally bought this. Please please don't kill me.

Anyway, last night someone from Politico called me to ask me about it. They said the money was from Woodward.

"Why have you been extorting the lunch money from our nation's most famous investigative journalist?" the reporter demanded. I thought it was my buddy Dave pranking me at first. It took awhile to realize the guy on the other end was serious. And then I had more questions than answers.

"I never met Bob Woodward," I said. "Why is he giving me his money?"
"He's terrified of you. He claims you stalked him and threatened his life."
"That's just not true. Check your sources. I don't even know what you're talking about."

He hung up and then called back 10 minutes later.

"Would it be fair to say that Bob Woodward enrages you?"
"No, it wouldn't."

He hung up again. It was an hour before he called back this time. I should have never picked up.

"Do you remember a party in DC in 2006?"
"Not really."
"You were discussing State of Denial. You said it was extremely overrated."

It was beginning to come to me. But still, he got the story wrong.

"No, no. Dave said it was good. And then someone else said it was overrated, I think. But I hadn't read it yet. I just shrugged."
"You shrugged," he said ominously. "In what way?"
"I don't know."
"Aggressively? I mean, someone mentions a major work by a guy like Bob Woodward, and you...  you just shrug?"
"I had to get to the line for the bathroom."
"You've got to see how that was extremely disrespectful, at least. You have to at least admit that."
"No I don't."
"He took down Nixon! You just shrug? You could see how he'd assume the worst, couldn't you?"
"I'm going to go."
"One question," he said. "Who'd you vote for last election?"
I blurted it out as I got off the phone. Which was dumb, I know.

Democratic Operative Shrugs Off Woodward Death Threat - That's the headline that made the banner over at Fox. Drudge got an exclusive with someone at the party who claimed that I left in "the general direction" of Woodward's home. I didn't know where his home was, and I think I was going to the Metro. So I couldn't deny it, really. So then the Washington Times posted an article to say I didn't deny I'd been walking around near Bob Woodward's private residence after a night of drinking.

The envelopes kept coming though. Yesterday one had another note in it.

"I'm sorry our arrangement went public," it read. "It wasn't my fault. An assistant told someone. Don't do anything violent, okay?

"Also, do you know any high-level people who'd like to talk about secrets and stuff? Just asking. It's kind of a thing with me."

Photo by Jim Wallace (Smithsonian Institution). Used under Creative Commons license. Information here.


  1. Considering the circles Woody runs in, his lunch money could run to serious cash. Congrats!

  2. LOL, I laughed a few times during reading it. Good one.

    Please post the whole thing in DU!

  3. Woodward brought a president down, fact. His comments towards this White House were took seriously until his true "ideas" " opinions" .
    Wrong move, is sad regretful indeed for him to think that an email and his opinion could damage someone because he said so. Shame on Mr Woodward.


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