Sunday, February 12, 2017

"Career Prospects Are Pretty Good For Dead-Eyed Sociopaths," By Stephen Miller

I know this Trump gig won't last forever. He's going to lose or get impeached or flee the country or something like that. I can say when exactly, but it's not too far off.

The point is, I'm not worried. As a professional dead-eyed sociopath, I'm pretty much set. Maybe it'll be working PR for a company that poisoned the groundwater of a small town in the Midwest. Maybe it'll be discrediting climate science for the oil industry. Who knows? What's clear is that having the ability to make dangerously false statements over and over while staring at real human beings as if they're store manikins is a talent that people will pay solid money for.

Did Trump hire me because of my complete lack of an ethical compass, and the fact that I seem to have the nervous system of a lamprey? I don't really know. The guy saw talent, though. And it's a talent that almost any major company in Washington will value after this is over.

I'm assuming we won't incinerate the place in a nuclear war. But even if that happened, I'm pretty sure I'd get a place in the bunker. And being a completely soulless tool will probably pay off even better, after the big one. But that's not my primary focus. Right now I just want to keep selling cruel, stupid immigration policies backed up by the kind of conspiracy theories only a guy posting Nazi cartoons on Richard Spencer's Twitter feed believes. We'll figure out the rest when this is done, and Trump is hiding in a non-extradition country.

I do like kids, so I could try to focus my energies there.

Maybe I could help market cigarettes to them. That'd be nice.

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